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About Us


The Lily Club offers comprehensive multi-services of professional quality to cater for your personal and family needs anytime and at any place.  Every need in a busy life is anticipated and met with hospitality and professional level service.  Starting with home concierge and renovation, large or small scale, a provision of bonus credit will be added to your esteemed account that will ensure comfort and convenience at your fingertip.  The Lily Club Members are healthy and happy and contributory individuals who lead a relaxing and comfortable life after daily hectic hard work and help support a healthy community.


Comprehensive high quality and convenient services at your fingertip!


Household Key Cleaning & Maintenance Plan

The Lily
Renovation & Management Services

Is your prime choice!

The Lily Renovation & Management Services is our integrated renovation services
in Hong Kong

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For all cleaning service request, please call us for further detail! 

(852) 5369 8282

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The Lily Online Shop

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