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Personal Home Care Service

Comprehensive Personal Home Care Service

This service is providing to the family who is living in single or couple and use to frequent travels. We target on three parts of services:  Household Key Cleaning, Maintenance and Personal Stuff Arrangement.

Household Key Cleaning

All indoor windows,

Exhauster Fans,

Rang hood,



All air-cons indoor unit (such as filters and louver),

Toilet (bathtub, toilet bowl & sink),

Vacuum & Mopping the floor.


Quarterly Pest Control,

Changing of bulb and electric device 

*Repair of appliance by request.

Personal Stuff Arrangement

Refill any stuff from supermarket,

Changing of bed sheets,

*Laundry arrangement,  

*Ironing of clothes, 

*flower arrangement by request.

Lead time: from 3 to 5 hours per each service.

Number of Service per month: One to Two times

Normal Service Fee: $550 per each  

*Full Service Fee: $750 per each

We care of your request and follow your need to sketch out the service scope.  All terms & conditions and the service details will reflex on the contract.

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Household Key Cleaning & Maintenance Plan

The Lily
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