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Household Key Cleaning & Maintenance Plan

Household Key Cleaning & Maintenance Plan

The plan is suitable for family who is seldom to arrange cleaning. Our cleaning conduct twice per month and all annual services price range are lower than market average price. 

Monthly Fee $990.00  (Original Price $1,190.00) No other extra fee!

Once Per Annual Service 

Twice per month service

Cleaning indoor window 

Cleaning for toilet & kitchen  

Pest Control

Comprehensive Household Cleaning 

Dust cleaning

Cleaning and mopping the floor

Once per month service

Cleaning for Air-conditioning cover




Service details & terms

Twice per month service (we will send helper with basic cleaning tools) 

Cleaning for inside window and exhauster fans: including dinning & living room, bedrooms, kitchen and toilet.

***In some conditions, it cannot be done in the plan: outside window, crack or broken window.

Exhauster fans : Overall exhauster fans where set in the kitchen and toilet.

Cleaning for range hood: To clean the cover, detachable oil cups and panels and fan frame.

Cleaning for air-conditioning indoor unit: such as filters and louver. This service is excluding outside cooling part. 

Cleaning for bathtub, toilet bowl and sink.


Once per Annual Service

(1) Cleaning for whole Air-condition's machine: including maximum 3 sets of Window / Split type (2HP or below).    

(over 3 sets of A/C machines or any floor standing cooling type)

You will be grant about service for purchasing $3,840.00 (equal to 4 months services). 

*If extra fee create when cleaning the outside cooling system with additional protection, then, we will also charge client about extra fee. 

(2) Pest Control Annual Maintenance Service ( The plan only including extermination for Cockroach & Ants)

You will be grant about service for purchasing $5,760.00 (equal to 6 months services) and get the 6 months warranty.

(3) Year-end Comprehensive Household Cleaning (One time)

You will be grant about service when you employ full 12 months service. (Basically the comprehensive household cleaning will be arranged at 3 weeks before the lunar new year eve. And we will send 2 helpers to conduct the cleaning.)


If client do not need above 3 kinds of add value service, the monthly fee can be deducted to $750.00



月費 $960.00  (原價$1,188.00) 沒有任何附加費!



l   送全屋洗冷氣機一次

ü   清洗全屋玻璃窗及抽氣扇

l   送滅蟲年度保養服務 (包滅曱甴、螞蟻)

ü   抽油煙機、爐頭、焗爐及微波爐

l   送年度大掃除一次

ü   清潔冷氣機隔塵網及出風口


ü   洗廁盆浴缸








每月一次 (每次派出兩名員工及基本清潔工具)




*但不做清潔的玻璃情況如下:超過4呎闊、玻璃本身有裂痕、窗校問題不能打開 轉角或不能觸及的位置。


專門清潔抽油煙機表面、隔油網 裝油盒。我們會盡力清理可觸及之抽氣扇葉。





送全屋洗冷氣機一次:包括一般三匹以下窗口機不超過三部 分體式掛牆機不超過三部  





送滅蟲年度保養服務 (包滅曱甴、螞蟻)




*凡惠顧滿十二個月即送大掃除一次 (一般安排農歷新年前三個星期內派兩名員工做大掃除一次)


***如客戶不需要上述三項優惠服務,月費可減至 $750.00




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支票抬頭: The Lily Club

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Household Key Cleaning & Maintenance Plan

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